A New Start

I have been so lazy around here. There are so many cobwebs.

The release of the new SAT specifications and the discussions around it have fueled a lot of discussions in person and online. High school juniors and seniors seemed particularly vexed about the changes in the days following the announcement. They seemed to think that the new test would be easier than the old one. I think it will be just about the same difficulty, though some parts will be easier and some, more difficult. The inclusion of a founding document sounds extremely difficult, as Erica Meltzer has detailed. I have read all of Hamilton’s Federalist papers, and they are harder than anything currently on the SAT. Knowing the basics of U.S. government and the debates of the Age of Enlightenment will help students decode these documents, but the language and syntax are so much more difficult that it’s ultimately just a wash.

I will be commenting on more later as I hack my way through the extremely long draft of questions. For now, here are a couple of sentences. How would you complete them?

1. Though many view him as a medical visionary, I think he is a                             who is merely using people’s fears to sell them useless medicine.

2. Though he seemed like a completely candid young man, Peter Parker actually lived a                     second life as the superhero Spiderman.

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